Adventure Tech: Jackery Introduces Portable Charger Designed for Drone Users

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There have been some amazing advances in the area of portable power over the past few years and it has gotten to the point that I rarely travel anywhere these days without some form of external power source to keep my gadgets functioning while on the go. Better yet, as the market has continued to evolve, we’re starting to see charging options that are becoming more specialized for the specific jobs that we’re doing. Such is the case with the latest charger from Jackery, a company that continues to make outstanding power options for use in the outdoors and adventure travel.

The latest product to come our way from Jackery is the new Explorer 200, a device that has all of the usual features you would expect from a probably battery pack, with a few extra surprises hiding under the hood. For instance, this charger includes two standard USB charging ports and a single USC-C port for gadgets that can use those fast charging capabilities. It also comes with a built-in 12-volt DC port as well, which makes it perfect for drone users who are looking for a solution to charge their batteries while in the field.

The Explorer 200 comes with an absolutely massive battery, offering up to 200 watt-hours of power. That translates to 57,600 mAh when comparing this charger to other portable units on the market. The device tips the scales at 5.8 pounds, making it heavier than a traditional battery pack designed to charge a phone or tablet, but considering how much power it packs and its intended use of supporting drones in operation in the field, it is fairly portable relatively speaking.

As you would expect for any portable generator that you’re taking into the field, the Explorer 200 is tough, rugged, and water resistant. It isn’t built to be immersed in water however, but it should shrug off rain without missing a beat. It also comes with a built-in LCD screen that indicates the current level of charge and it has onboard surge and circuit protection to ensure that your delicate technology items don’t suffer a meltdown.

Measuring 8.2″ x 6.3″ x 1.9″ (210 x 161 x 48 mm), the Explorer 200 is relatively small for the amount of features and the size of the battery that it packs. That allows it to straddle a middle ground between a small travel battery pack and a larger, more full-blown generator like Jackery’s Explorer 500. In fact, the smaller unit likely offers enough juice even for extended expeditions, particularly if you add an AC outlet inverter to the mix. That combination would allow you to not only charge drone batteries in the field, but smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops, and other items too.

Jackery ships the Explorer 200 with an AC adapter for charging the battery, which takes roughly 6-7 hours to complete when connected to a wall outlet. The device sells for $299, although it is available from Amazon at a discounted price. For adventure filmmakers, photographers, or anyone who needs a steady supply of power while in the field, this is an interesting and useful charger to have in your quiver of tools.

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Kraig Becker