The Island Challenge is a Survival Training Experience for a Good Cause

If you’re looking for an interesting adventure to take part in 2018, we just might have something of interest for you. The Island Challenge is billed as the “ultimate survival experience,” sending participants on a three-day odyssey to hone their outdoor skills, while also raising funds for an important charitable cause.

The Island Challenge will take place October 15-18 of this year and will drop adventurous individuals on a remote, uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland. While there, the team will have to search for food and water, learn to build a camp, solve a variety of problems, and learn to keep themselves safe in the wilderness. Along the way, they’ll gain valuable skills and knowledge that will make surviving in the wild a much more manageable affair. Survival experts will be on hand to assist with the process.

But, the challenge doesn’t start once the participants arrive on the island. Instead, they’ll also be tasked with raising a minimum of £2000 (about $2850) for Peace Direct, an organization dedicated to helping stop wars by working with motivated individuals living in ongoing conflict zones. They do this by trying to support people who are looking to diffuse conflicts while also helping to create jobs and build livelihoods for those who live in these area. Peace Direct even works with ex-comatants to help them reintegrate into normal life and attempting to mediate with potential violent extremists. It is a tall order to say the least, but their goal is to bring peace to the world one person at a time.

The funds raised for the Island Challenge go directly to supporting these efforts. You can find out more on the Island Challenge website, where you’ll also be able to sign up for the survival experience if you’re interested. For more information, contact Lizzie Helps.

Kraig Becker