Explorers Web Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint and Has Relaunched

Last summer I posted a story about venerable adventure and expedition website Explorers Web going up for sale as long time owners Tom and Tina Sjögren moved on to other projects. Later we learned that the site did indeed have a new owner and that this excellent resource for mountaineers, explorers, and adventurers wouldn’t just disappear from the Internet. Now, after months of anticipation, the site has relaunched, and it looks better than ever.

Over the weekend, the newly rebranded Ex Web went online with a fresh, modern design. As usual, the latest news stories are front and center on the site, with the most popular stories found along the right side of the page. Scrolling further down reveals articles generated from within the ExWeb community as well. A site-wide search engine is located across the top of the page, while social media sharing buttons are prominently displayed in the upper right corner.

The new site design is clean and easy to navigate, and features several new stories. Since the new transition to ownership began a few months back, updates have been sparse. But, it is nice to see new news stories appearing on the site and hopefully this bodes well for more frequent updates to come in the future. Explorers Web has always been a great resource for me here at The Adventure Blog, and I look forward to visiting it – and referencing it – regularly once again.

It should be noted that a banner across the top of the main webpage reminds visitors that the site is still in the midst of its upgrade process and that we should all have a little patience while the new design is rolled out.

From my perspective, everything seems to be running quite nicely however, as the site is noticeably faster and more responsive than in the past. I’m not sure if there are more features yet to come, but so far I give the new rollout a big thumbs up. It looks great and I’m happy to see some life in ExWeb once again.

Check out the redesigned ExWeb here.

Kraig Becker