Gear Closet: Revant Optics New Sunglasses Are The Last One’s You’ll Ever Have to Buy

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A few weeks back I had the opportunity to travel to Sedona, Arizona for a little trail running and mountain biking excursion. While there, I was the guest of Revant Optics, a company that up until now was best known for offering consumers replacement lenses for their favorite sunglasses. But now, Revant is launching its own line of eyewear and it just might be the last pair of sunglasses that you ever have to buy. 

The company was originally founded back in 2010 when CEO Jason Bolt wiped out on his mountain bike. He came away mostly unscathed, but unfortunately his favorite pair of sunglasses weren’t quiet so lucky. When he retrieved them he soon discovered that the lens were scratched, but he wasn’t necessarily ready to just toss them in the trash and buy another pair. So, he went in search of a way to replace the lens and keep using the frames. In the process, Jason learned that most lens were easily obtainable, so he launched Revant to make it easier for consumers to keep the sunglasses they already owned but just swap out the lenses whenever they became scratched or broken.
Now, Bolt and his team at Revant are looking to bring that same sensibility to all of the other parts that make up a pair of sunglasses too. To that end, they’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign with the intention of bringing a line of high-quality, high-performance eyewear to outdoor athletes. 
The new Revant Sunglasses come in three different versions, the S1L, S2L, and F1L. Each has its own unique design, but they share some common features as well. For instance, Revant has built them to be tough and durable enough to take the abuse that comes along with using them outdoors, although we all know that accidents can happen and even rugged eyewear can beaten up or broken. To that end, pretty much every part of these sunglasses are modular and easily replaceable. If the lens get scratched, they can be popped out and quickly replaced. Break an arm and you can snap a new one into place in seconds. The idea is that you don’t have to trash your favorite pair of sunglasses when something breaks. Instead, you get a replacement part and fix them. This should help keep a lot of sunglasses out the landfill, which will be good for the environment too. 
To facilitate this process, all three models of Revant Sunglasses come with a lifetime guarantee. Dubbed Revant Max Care, this is easily the best warranty in the business. Basically, it ensures that you’ll be able to get replacement parts for your sunglasses at a nominal cost for the lifetime of the product. That way you don’t have to throw away your sunglasses but can instead keeping using them forever. Revant will even offer full replacement models at 30% off the regular retail price. 
While this alone is a pretty great story, I have to say that the sunglasses are pretty awesome too. They’ve been designed for use while running, cycling, hiking or doing just about any other outdoor activity, and the attention to detail shows. For instance, they have been built to allow plenty of ventilation, which should prevent them from fogging up when things start to get intense. They also come with antimicrobial nose guards and temple sleeves that actually hold them firmly in place, even when you get sweaty and are really working hard. Having tried these in the desert of Arizona, it’s pretty amazing just how well they work. 
The Kickstarter campaign launched yesterday and has already easily exceeded Reavnt’s modest $25,000 goal. That means the sunglasses will go into full production next month and will start shipping in June for $155. Early-bird supporters can get them a a steep discount now however, so if you’re interested it’s definitely worthwhile to preorder a pair now. 
You can find out a lot more, and get a good luck at the various models on the official Kickstarter page
Kraig Becker