Nat Geo Has Fun Facts for All 59 U.S. National Parks

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We’re just a couple of weeks away from the start of National Park Week, and to help celebrate National Geographic has published a story that shares fun facts about each and every park in the U.S. system. That’s 59 parks at the moment, stretching from Acadia in Maine to Haleakala in Hawaii, with some pretty fantastic landscapes located in between.

The list runs through all of the parks in alphabetical order starting with the aforementioned Acadia and ending with Zion. Scrolling through the story you’ll learn some fascinating things, such as the fact that Arches National Park has more than 2000 documented rock arches within its border or that Big Bend is home to a hot springs that reaches temperatures in excess of 105ºF (40.5ºC). You’ll also discover that Crater Lake’s caldera is nearly 6 miles in diameter and that beautiful wildflowers spring up in Death Valley for a brief time after a rainstorm.

These are just a few hints at the wonderful secrets that America’s national parks hold. These wonderful, beautiful, and endlessly wild places are amazing destinations, which is why they continue to hold such a sway over travelers. During National Park Week, entrance into the parks is completely free, making them even more enticing. And since the week comes prior to the start of the busy summer travel season, there is a good chance you’ll have the place to yourself if you go.

Find out more about National Park Week here and read all of Nat Geo’s fun national park facts here.

Kraig Becker