Surfer Rides 80-foot Wave to Set New World Record

We’ve seen some massive waves ridden by surfers before, but we’ve never seen anything quite likes. In the video below you’ll get a chance to see big wave surfer Rodrigo Koxa of Brazil take on an absolutely gigantic wall of water at the legendary surf sight at Naraze, Portugal.

Over the weekend, the World Surf League handed out is Big Wave Awards for 2018. At the ceremony, it was announced that Koxa had set a new record by surfing an 80-foot (24.3 meter) wave, which was two feet taller than the previous largest wave.

In the clip below you’ll see this now record-breaking ride. You’ll have to look closely however, as Koxa is relatively small compared to the massive wall of water that is chasing him. It is an impressive feat to say the least, but for a guy who is mostly a non-surfer, it is terrifying as well. I’m glad it is Rodrigo on that surfboard and not me.

Kraig Becker