The Adventure Podcast Episode 15: Did Mallory Summit Everest?

The latest episode of The Adventure Podcast is now available for download. You should be able to find it on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify. As usual, I’ve also embedded the episode below for you to listen directly from this blog post.

This week we discuss a topic that has spurred debate in the mountaineering community for nearly a century – Did George Mallory summit Everest back in 1924? If so, it would have been 29 years prior to Hillary and Norgay making the recognized first ascent of the mountain. Dave and I go head to head sharing our opinion on the topic, and it is pretty clear where we both stand. (Hint: Dave says yes, he summited, I say no!) We also discuss the latest adventure news, including an exciting new expedition to walk the length of the Yangtze, a change in pricing for National Park entry fees, an interview with Adrian Ballinger, and much more. As always, we wrap up the show with gear picks, which include a new set of hiking boots and a portable campfire!

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Kraig Becker

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