The Most Epic Adventures in All 50 States

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If you’re looking for some big adventures to occupy your time this spring and summer, then Men’s Journal is once again here to help. The magazine has created a comprehensive list of the top adventures to do in all 50 states, offering something for just about every kind of traveler, athlete, and explorer.

With such a diverse number of places and environments to cover, the list of things to do is pretty broad. For instance, the opportunities for outdoor adventure abound in a place like Alaska, where MJ recommends chartering a float plane and visiting Mount Anialkchak, an collapsed volcano in the Aleutian Range. Of course, the hard part about finding something to do in Alaska is narrowing your options down from all of the available choices. That isn’t the case in place like Iowa, where those opportunities are fewer and far between. If you’re visiting the Hawkeye State, Men’s Journal recommends you go cliff jumping in Chickasaw Park.

Other big adventures that can be had in various states include climbing at the Red River Gorge (Kentucky), go paddling on the Upper Missouri River (Montana), traverse the Presidential Range (New Hampshire), and go sailing at dawn (Rhode Island). The list includes options for mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, climbing, and much much more. In short, if you live for outdoor adventures, chances are you’ll find plenty to keep you busy here.

Whether you’re looking for something to do in your backyard or you’re planning a trip across the U.S. this year, this article will give you some things to put on your bucket list. Check out the entire run down by clicking here.

Kraig Becker