Outside Takes Us on an Amazing Journey Down the Grand Canyon

800px Grand Canyon view from Pima Point 2010

If you’re looking for a fun escape to help you get through your Friday, then look no further than this website that is brought to us by our friends at Outside Online. The site, which also happens to be co-sponsored by the gang at Yeti, takes us on an amazing journey down the Grand Canyon, giving us a fantastic look at this natural wonder as it has never been seen before, short of visiting the place itself.

Dubbed “The Greatest Show on Earth,” the website is a virtual tour of the canyon, taking us along a 277 mile (445 km) journey through the red cliffs and along the raging Colorado River that give this iconic place so much of its identity.

Using a unique blend of stunning photos, maps, technology, you’ll begin the journey at Mile 0, located at Lees Ferry, and then proceed on a virtual rafting trip down the river, before ending some 226 miles (336 km) later at the take-out point found at Grand Wash Cliffs. In between you’ll experience more than two dozen other locations throughout the canyon, giving viewers an opportunity to see what makes this such a special place, all without leaving their desk.

Nothing will ever replace actually being in the Grand Canyon itself, but this is one of the best virtual representations I’ve ever seen of the national park. The entire journey is worth taking and may even inspire you to want to visit – and raft – the park yourself. It isn’t quite like being outside and on an adventure of your own, but if you’re stuck at your desk today, it will provide some nice relief and take you on an epic journey that is well worth the trip.

Start your Grand Canyon adventure here.

Kraig Becker