The 100 Skills That Every Backpacker Should Know

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This is the time of year when backpackers everywhere are preparing to set out on an epic summer trip. It could be just a weekend escape to their favorite local trail or it could be a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Either way, it’s a great time to be outdoors. But before you leave on that big adventure, have a look at the latest article from Backpacker magazine, which gives us the 100 essential skills that every backpacker should know.

The list is broken down into sections, starting with “Before the Trip,” then moving to “On the Trail,” followed by “In Camp.” Each of these areas offers specific hints and tips for how to make your life easier while on the trail. It starts with preparation before you ever depart for the backcountry, then moves on to skills that will make hiking easier and more enjoyable, before wrapping up with the things you should know to make the campsite more comfortable too.

Obviously with 100 different skills on the list it is pretty much impossible for me to spoil them all. But needless to say, there are plenty of really helpful things here, many of which you probably already know, but I guarantee just about everyone will learn something new. For instance, there is a video that shows you the proper way to pack your backpack. There are also tips on how to score a last minute permit for a trail or campsite. You’ll also find suggestions on how to estimate how much food you’ll need, how to waterproof your map, and hike better at altitude. You’ll find some suggestions on how to make your pack more comfortable and protect your feet and ankles too.

The list was put together by some of Backpacker”s experts, each of which have years of experience in the field. There is so much information here to process that you’ll probably want to go through it a couple of times and bookmark it for future reference. As I said, almost everyone can learn a think or two here and it is a great resource for beginner backpackers in particular.

Check out the entire list here.

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  1. Thank you for the suggestions. This will come in handy this year. This will be the first year I hopefully will have a hiking companion, so keeping the load divided will help.

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