The Adventure Podcast Episode 17: An Interview with Rick McCharles of

The latest episode of The Adventure Podcast is now available for download. As usual, you can grab it from Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify. I’ve also attached it to this blog post for those who prefer to listen directly from their browser and not on a smartphone of tablet.

This week’s show is a bit longer than the one’s we’ve done over the past few weeks, but we think it is worth it. In this episode we chat with Rick McCharles of fame and get his picks for the best hiking trails on each continent. We also talk about the gear that Rick uses while on his travels and get his take on who the best hiker in the world is at the moment. Of course, we first start the show out talking about the latest adventure news, and wrap things up with our personal gear picks for the week, but not without first answering a listener’s question about the best sleeping bag for mountaineering and expeditions.

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Kraig Becker