Adventure Tech: The Gladius Advanced Pro Underwater Drone

If you asked most people to describe a drone, they’d probably say they are small, easy to operate aircraft that are popular with adventure filmmakers and photographers. While that wouldn’t necessarily be an inaccurate description, it also wouldn’t encompass everything that drones are about either.

For instance, drones don’t have to necessarily fly. Take for example the new Gladius Advanced Pro from Chasing Innovations, a drone that was built to operate under the water, delivering much the same functionality and features of its airborne counterparts.

Just like a more traditional drone, the Galdius can be piloted remotely, but rather than soaring through the air is zips through the water instead. It is capable of reaching depths of up to 100 meters (330 feet),  all while snapping 12-megapixel photos or 4K video, which can also be live-streamed over the Internet as well.

Like the aerial drones from companies such as DJI, the Gladius has been designed to be easy to control, even for beginners. It features a set of underwater thrusters that allow it float through the oceans, lakes, and rivers at speeds of up to 4 knots (4.6 mph/7.4 km/h), which is plenty fast for a waterborne drone. It even comes equipped with LED lights and 49mm video/photo filter compatibility to make it easier to see while submerged.

Operating the Gladius is reportedly a very simple affair. It’s video-game like controller interfaces with a smartphone and makes piloting the craft surprisingly easy. A wifi-enabled flotation device stays on the surface of the water at all times, relaying commands to the drone. This give the Gladius an effective range of about 100 meters, while also ensuring that owners don’t lose their device. If the drone runs out of battery power, it is still easy to locate and retrieve.

Speaking of battery life, the drone itself can be operated for up to 4.5 hours between recharges, while the wifi-buoy is good for as many 6 hours depending on conditions. That is far longer than most aerial drones on the market, which typically measure their flight times in minutes.

The Gladius doesn’t come cheap however, with a price tag that starts at $1599 for the standard model (which has a few slight variations in performance), while the pro edition will set you back $1999. Still, if you’re an underwater filmmaker or photographer, this could be the new tool you need to capture footage like never before. Remember, the original aerial drones were rather pricey too, and look what they’ve done for the industry.

Find out more on the Chasing Innovations website.