Gear to Turn your Smartphone into an Adventure Filmmaking Kit


There is an old saying amongst photographers that says the best camera is the one that you have with you. Today, that often means our smartphones, which have evolved into some pretty outstanding pieces of equipment for capturing excellent photos. That said, if you truly want to get the most of that camera – particularly if you’re a budding filmmaker – there are some add-ons that can really help you up your game, and Outside magazine has put together a list of the ones you’ll want to have at your disposal you start to get serious about making your own videos.

In addition to adding better and more versatile lens to the smartphone camera repertoire, Outside also suggests a number of items such as a stabilization rig, filters, and a light. The list also offers options for an add-on microphone, a portable power bank to keep everything charged, and software that goes beyond what ships with your mobile device’s operating system. An explanation of what these items can do for the filmmaker is also include, along with specific products to consider. For instance, when it comes to picking a stabilizer, the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gets the nod.

The best part about most of this equipment is that it is small, lightweight, and easy to carry, meaning that one of the best part about using a smartphone isn’t compromised. Carrying a full-size DSLR allows you to take some amazing photos and capture images that you might not normally get, but an SLR body and lenses are heavy and bulky. This gear for your phone will help close the gap some, giving you a mobile studio right in your pocket.

For my money, it is still hard to beat a really good dedicated camera and glass. That said however, it is amazing how far smartphones have come in terms of image and video quality. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker who is looking to do some fun and adventurous outdoor films, there are very few excuses left as to why you can’t work on your projects. Mobile devices, the software that runs the, and the cameras inside of them continue to get more sophisticated to the point that they are becoming an indispensable tool for just about any creative endeavor. If you already own one, and want to make films, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be doing just that.

Check out the entire list of Outside‘s smartphone camera gear here.

Kraig Becker