Looking for Your Next Adventure? Check Out BikingMan Self-Supported Races

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If you’re looking for a new endurance challenge to add to your adventure resume, check out what BikingMan is offering. The company is organizing a series of self-supported bike races across the globe that promise to test the skill, endurance, and dedication of just about any outdoor athlete, while also giving them a first-hand look at some amazing destinations from the back of their bikes.

We first shared news of BikingMan a couple of months back when an outstanding video of one of the self-supported races made its way online. You’ll find that same video below as it gives you a great idea of what to expect should you embark on one of these cycling challenges. The race shown in the short film took place in Oman and covered 1000 km (621 miles) through the desert. As you’ll see, it was definitely a true test of a rider’s stamina, as they must go completely self-supported for the entire journey.

In addition to Oman, BikingMan also held a race in Corsica back in April, and has announced events for Peru and Taiwan, and  as well. Each of the races offers unique terrain and rugged countryside to ride through. For instance, in Peru riders will take part in the Inca Divide in July, which includes riding through the high Andes where they’ll cross eight passes higher than 4000 meters (13,123 ft) in height. That race is 1800 km (1118 miles) in length and offers 31,000 meters (101,706 ft) of vertical gain. There are four mandatory checkpoints along the way, with a time limit of 288 hours to complete the entire ride.

The rules of a BikingMan race are simple. No support cars, riders are self-supported the entire race, and they must be validated at mandatory checkpoints along their route. Drafting and riding in a peloton are also forbidden, with each racer being traded by a GPS device. Riders aren’t allowed to receive any external assistance along the way either.

This looks like an ambitious but really unique new cycling challenge. You can find out more at BikingMan.com.

Kraig Becker