Nat Geo Picks the Best Summer Trips for 2018

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Later this week, summer will officially arrive here in the Northern Hemisphere, kicking off a busy travel season that sees many people taking vacations to some place adventurous and exotic, or even relaxed and restful. If you haven’t figured out exactly where you’d like to go this year, National Geographic is here to help. The iconic organization has posted an article that lists its picks for the absolute best places to travel in the summer of 2018, with a little something to offer just about everyone.

The list kicks things off nicely by offering Borneo as your next destination. The Malaysian island has a lot to offer, from stunning beaches and hopping nightlife, to plenty of outdoor and wildlife adventures. Those activities include visiting an orangutan rehabilitation center, exploring caves in Gunung Mulu National Park, and spotting creatures like dolphins, monkeys, and cloud leopards. There are even opportunities to witness the island’s famous corpse flower, the largest bloom in the world, often growing to the size of a small tree.

But Borneo is just the start of Nat Geo’s list. Other locations that earn the nod include perpetual favorites like Iceland and Peru, as well as some surprise inclusions such as Mongolia and Papua New Guinea. Yosemite National Park also makes its way onto the list, although anyone who has ever visited in the summer knows just how crazy and busy the Valley can get during that time of year. If Yosemite is on your summer travel plans, you may want to plan on visiting some of the other areas instead.

As you would expect, each entry on the list includes a brief description of why it deserves to be on your short list of summer adventures. There are also suggestions of things to see and do there once you arrive, including links to help you find out more. In short, each location provides an enticing description, but there is plenty of room for you to explore and discover more.

Read the entire list here and then go start packing.

Kraig Becker