The Adventure Blog on Hiatus: Traveling to Malawi

Just a brief note to let everyone know that The Adventure Blog will be on Hiatus over the next week or so. I fly out this evening for an overnight in New York City, before getting on a long flight to South Africa and eventually Malawi. The small, but beautiful south African nation will be my destination over the next ten days as I visit a number of wildlife preserves, safari lodges, and other natural wonders.

While I’m gone I anticipate that I’ll have some Internet access and will be monitoring a few stories just to stay in touch with what’s happening in the world. If something major breaks, I’ll try to post news and thoughts here on the blog, but most likely there won’t be time for many updates. I will be sharing stories and photos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as time allows however, so if you’re interested in seeing what I’m up to, those outlets would be a good place to check in.

Regular updates to The Adventure Blog should resume on Monday, July 2 and The Adventure Podcast should return that week as well. Until then, get outside, have some great adventures of your own, and enjoy life!

Kraig Becker