The Adventure Podcast Episode 23: Adventure News Briefs

The latest episode of The Adventure Podcast is now available for download or to listen to straight from this blog post. If you prefer to catch up on the show directly from your browser, you’ll find the audio embedded below. Otherwise, you’ll find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify.
This week’s show is a short one with me flying solo. With my co-host traveling and tending to other business, I decided to just do a quick update on some of the more interesting stories from the world of outdoor adventure and exploration. Some of the highlights that I touch upon include a new speed record on Denali, the start of the climbing season in the Karakoram, and environmental news, both good and bad.

The show is actually out a day early this week. Thanks to its shorter run time, editing didn’t take quite so long, and since I’m traveling at the end of the week, we wanted to release it as soon as possible. We’ve also been making a concerted effort to shorten the show in general to make it a bit more accessible, which could potentially result in an earlier release date each week when moving forward. Our hope is to keep the runtime down to about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes, rather than just rambling out for much longer than that.

As always, you can reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, and email. We always enjoy hearing from listeners and have appreciated the ongoing feedback on topics to discuss, questions to answer, and ways we can improve the show. Keep your comments and suggestions coming and thanks so much for listening!

Kraig Becker