Gear Closet: Phoozy Thermal Capsule Review

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Our smartphones have become one of the most important tools that we carry with us on our adventures, serving as our cameras, method of communication, entertainment, and so much more. But, those devices are also fragile and aren’t always well-suited for use in extreme environments, even when equipped with a proper case. But the Phoozy Thermal Capsule is looking to change that, giving smartphone owners an extra layer of protection from the elements, while keeping our expensive electronic devices safe from a variety of threats.

Made from the same materials used to create the space suits worn by astronauts, the Phoozy is designed to protect its contents from heat, cold, accidental drops, and from sinking in water. To that end, the fabrics that make up the bag provide a level of insulation that keeps your smartphone safe from excessive heat and extreme cold. The handy little case reflects heat away to prevent your device from overheating, while also keeping it warm in cold conditions, which is crucial for keeping the battery from dying.

Anyone who has ever reached for their phone only to find that they can’t use it because it is too hot or had their gadget power down due to lack of battery in the cold, can certainly appreciate how useful this can be. On more than one one occasion I’ve found myself in some extremely cold conditions and even though my iPhone was fully charged that morning, it quits functioning do to is cold battery. The Phoozy should prevent this from happening, making it a great companion for use on the slopes, in the backcountry, or just about any other outdoor environment where you may bring your smartphone.

One of the other handy features of the Phoozy is that it floats in water. The bag itself is not waterproof, but is instead water resistant. However, it is very buoyant, allowing it to keep your smartphone from sinking in the water. It doesn’t matter if your phone itself is waterproof or has a waterproof case, if it sinks when you drop it in the river or lake, you’ve still lost the device. The Phoozy will prevent that from happening.

The interior of the Phoozy pouch has enough room to accommodate all but the largest of smartphones. Even the big “plus” size models should fit comfortably inside, making the pack a good option for just about every type of mobile device on the market short of a full-blown tablet. There is even a mesh stash pocket inside that is great for storing a charging cable, a bit of cash or a credit card, or other small items. That extends the Phoozy’s versatility nicely for travelers, who will appreciate how handy this product is just as much as outdoor enthusiasts.

Let’s face it, smartphones are expensive these days and sometimes even a good case isn’t enough to protect our investment. On top of that, if your mobile device isn’t working because it’s overheated or had its battery killed due to the cold, it simply becomes dead weight. The Phoozy can help provide that extra measure of protection to keep your phone functioning even in extreme conditions. For those of us who rely on our technology, even in off the beaten path locations, the $30 price tag for the Phoozy Thermal Capsule will be well worth the cost. A great little product that you’ll find is super-handy in a variety of circumstances and conditions.

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Kraig Becker