8 Adventure Travel Destinations To Visit on the Cheap

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Let’s face it, travel is amazing for the mind, body, and soul, but it can also get expensive. Sometimes it seems that finding a good deal to a fantastic destination can seem impossible. But fear not, as Men’s Journal is here to help once again, this time offering is eight awesome places that you can visit on the cheap, stretching your dollar further than you might think.

Some of the places that made the cut are amongst my favorite travel locales, while others remain on my bucket list of places to still get to. For instance, South Africa makes the cut by virtue of the fact that its economy is currently in a bit of a shambles, allowing the U.S. dollar to go a lot further than it has in recent years. Exchange rates have been as high as 15 to 1 for the rand to the dollar, making it easy to understand why now is a good time to visit this amazing country.

Other places that made the cut include Mexico –– which is another place where the American dollar has always been strong –– and Colombia, which has had a remarkable resurgence in recent years. It wasn’t all that long ago when a trip to the South American country would have seemed out of the question due to high crime rates and dangerous drug cartels. Today, it is a safe place to visit with some beautiful natural wonders to explore.

I’ll leave the rest of the list for you to discover, but needless to say there are a few surprises to be found there. You’ll find locations to visit on just about every continent, with the exception of Australia and Antarctica, neither of which have been known to be particularly affordable.

Check out the rest of the list and start planning your escape here.

Kraig Becker