Pair of Cyclists Riding 100,000 KM on Globe-Spanning Adventure

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A pair of cyclists has embarked on a globe-spanning adventure that will eventually see them cover more than 100,000 km (62,137 miles) and visit all seven continents. Dubbed Chris and Gabs World Cycling Tour, the expedition was conceived by Chris O’Hare and his fiancée Gabriella Gratrix as a way to not only travel the world by bike, but also raise £300,000 ($387,000) for the Prevent Breast Cancer fund.

Chris and Gabs set out on their journey back on July 9, starting in Manchester, England. From there, they rode south to the English Channel, crossed over to France, and have now ridden across Belgium and the Netherlands, and are currently making their way through Germany. You can follow their route and current position using their online GPS tracker.

We’ve obviously seen a number of adventurous people ride their bikes around the world before, so on the surface what Chris and Gabriella are attempting isn’t all that new. But, most round-the-world cyclists only covered a fraction of their intended 100,000 km, and most don’t come anywhere close to riding on all seven continents, including Antarctica. When it is all said and done, they intend to ride through 67 different countries, broken up over eight stages. Stage 1 has them riding from the U.K. to the Ukraine. Stage 2 will take them on to South Korea, while Stage 3 will consist of a ride along the length of Japan. After that, they’ll hop over to China and ride through Southeast Asia, eventually ending Malaysia. Stage 5 will include Australia and New Zealand, Stage 6 will begin in Alaska and end in Peru, and Stage 7 will take them to the Antarctic, where presumably they will attempt to ride to the South Pole. Finally, they’ll wrap things up with a ride across South Africa and Madagascar.

Obviously this is an ambitious plan that will take years to complete. And since they have barely gotten underway, there is still plenty of this adventure to follow. You can find regular updates on the couple’s Facebook page, as well as Twitter and Instagram. Right now, they’re enjoying relatively easy riding along the roads of Europe, but that will change once they start to transition to other parts of the world. What their plans for Antarctica are probably the most intriguing to me right now, but that is a long way off at this point.

Find out more on the Chris and Gabs World Cycling Tour website.

Kraig Becker