The 50 Best Hikes in the World. (According to Men’s Journal)

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Putting together a definitive list of the best hiking trails in the world is nearly impossible, after all we all have our own definition of what makes a great hike. But Men’s Journal has embarked on the gargantuan task of trying to comb through all of the different routes that are available and has come up with a list of the 50 best trails to explore. In order to do that, the magazine tapped some impressive experts, including Jimmy Chin, Conrad Anker, Andrew Skurka, and a number of others. The result is an admittedly subjective list that offers a fairly comprehensive run-down of the best places to go trekking, with a few surprises you might not even have been aware of.

With 50 entires to read about, it is nearly impossible for me to spoil the entire list. That said, you’ll find some classic trails intermixed nicely with some lesser-known options. For instance, MJ gives a nod to the Lost Coast Trail in California, Camp Muir Trail on Mt. Rainier in Washington, and Copper Canyon in Mexico. You’ll also find the Tour du Mont Blanc route in Europe, which passes through France, Italy, and Switzerland, as well as the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim route in Arizona. There are also several routes through Denali National Park, the legendary Angels Landing Trail in Zion, and the West Maroon Pass in Colorado.

Each of the entires on the list includes a photo and a brief description of what makes it special. You’ll also get an estimate on the length and a link to a website that can provide more information. The text that accompanies each item on the list usually offers up info on the best sections of the trail along with some tips on when to go, what to see, and what gear to bring.

All in all, this is a pretty comprehensive list of great hikes, even if it is a bit too U.S.-centric. Sure, the country is blessed with some amazing hikes spread out across its entire length, but there are some utterly spectacular trails to be found elsewhere in the world as well. While Canada gets some love here, not to mention a few other countries, most of the rest of the world is largely ignored. Next time, I’d like to see Men’s Journal do a list of 50 great trails that aren’t located in the U.S. There are plenty of those for sure.

Check out the entire list here.

Kraig Becker