The Adventure Podcast Episode 30: An Interview with Mountaineer and Filmmaker Ben Clark

On this week’s episode of The Adventure Podcast we sit down with mountaineer, skier, endurance athlete, and filmmaker Ben Clark to talk about Everest, skiing the Himalaya, and ultrarunning. We also talk about Ben’s amazing film The Snowman Trek, which was shot when he and a group of endurance athletes traveled to Bhutan to attempt a speed record on one of the most challenging trails in the entire world. Ben has led quite a life of adventure and has plenty of great stories and wisdom to share.

Of course, this being The Adventure Podcast, we also start the show out with some adventure news stories, including a debate over who picks up the tab for search and rescue operations and the winners of this year’s Piolets d’Or awards for achievement in climbing and mountaineering. We also wrap the show up with some gear picks, including a lightweight solar powered lantern and a sleeping bag built for those who like to go light and fast in the mountains.
As usual, you can listen to the latest episode –– to mention all back episodes –– on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify. I’ve also embedded the show at the bottom of this post for those who prefer to listen directly from their browser. Any questions, comments, or feedback can be sent to us via our Facebook page, Twitter account, or via email. We appreciate hearing from you and that you take the time to listen.

Kraig Becker