The Best Gear for Your Summer Adventures

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With August now upon us we’ve turned the corner on summer and we’re heading down the homestretch towards fall here in the northern hemisphere. That said, there is still plenty of warm weather to enjoy before the seasons begin to change and to help us do that, Backpacker magazine has compiled a list of the best summer gear for outdoor adventures

The 14 products that make the cut are designed to keep us cool and comfortable, even as the heat and humidity rise. Some of the items that made the cut include a pair of Chaco Z/2 Classic sandals, Eddie Bauer Guide Pro shorts, and Native Eyewear Wells sunglasses. You’ll also find the MSR Trail Base water filter kit to help you stay hydrated on the trail and the women’s Orvis Outsmart Biscayne quarter-zip shirt to regulate temperature and protect your skin from sunburn.
Surveying the list you’ll definitely find a common theme –– staying safe and comfortable during your hot weather pursuits. All of the clothing, footwear, and other gear have been carefully selected not only because they are durable and perform well, but also because they are made to be used in warmer temperatures, when breathability and moisture control are still important factors to consider. All in all, this is a solid list of summer outdoor gear, mixed in with some suggestions for sunscreens, meals, and drinks to help you enjoy your time in the outdoors. 
I know certain parts of the world will start to cool off more quickly than others, but where I live the warm weather will continue well into the fall. That’s why it’s never too late stock up on good gear for use in the heat. In fact, as summer starts to some of these items are likely to be on sale. Pick them up now and add them to your gear closet, because next summer is only 10 months away. 
Check out the entire list here
Kraig Becker