Adventure Tech: GoPro Hero 7 Brings Improved Stability


Just like clockwork, GoPro has announced its annual updates to its line of action cameras, bringing some improved functionality and image quality to its already industry-leading designs. The new Hero 7 camera resembles its predecessor in many ways, but comes equipped with onboard image stabilization that the company says pretty much removes the need for using a gimbal when capturing footage.

Available in three versions –– the Hero 7 White, Hero 7 Silver, and Hero 7 Black –– the new cameras feature much of the same technology that we’ve come to expect from GoPro. That includes touchscreen displays, waterproof housings, voice control, and more. Prices start at $200 for the White edition, $300 for the Silver, and $400 for the Black, which is the flagship model that offers the best all around performance.

Packed with a 12-megapixel sensor and the ability to shoot 4K video at 60 fps, the Hero 7 Black was made for professional action video producers. It can capture footage in 8x slow-mo, has the ability to transmit live video over the Internet, and has onboard GPS tracking as well. It can shoot both video and photos in the high-dynamic range and is of course rugged enough to take anywhere.

But the true standout feature this time out is a what GoPro calls “HyperSmooth” video. This comes from a vastly improved stabilization system that is built right into the Hero 7. This technology is so good that GoPro claims you won’t need to use a gimbal to capture smooth, stable video clips. Just turn the camera on, hold it in your hand, and point it at your subject.

Of course, there are a few compromises by going with the lower-tier White and Silver editions. For instance, the Hero 7 Silver can still shoot 4K video, but only at 30 fps, while the Hero 7 White drops down to 1080p/60 fps. Neither of these cameras feature the HyperSmooth stabilization technology either and have 10 megapixel sensors that perform a bit less impressively as well.

Still, GoPro says that this is their best camera line-up to date and are the products that will lead the company back to solvency. All three are available to preorder now and will begin shipping soon. Find out more at And check out the video below for examples of the new cameras in action.

Kraig Becker