Outside Selects 12 Outdoor Education Classes Worth Taking


Looking to sharpen your outdoor skills? Then Outside magazine is here to help. They’ve assembled a list of 12 outdoor education classes that are worth taking, offering some suggestions on the best courses to help us pick up valuable experience and become better all around adventurers too.

Each of the entires on the list come with a brief description, a price, and a link to the instructor’s website for more information and to enroll in the course. There are options for just about every kind of outdoor activity, including paddling, mountain biking, surfing, and more. But, there are also options to pick up some good skills that you may not have considered before. Those include a course on learning to barbecue and build tiny houses too.

The list is likely to hold intriguing options for just about anyone who loves the outdoors, but the ones that stood out the most to me included a mountaineering and pack rafting class offered by the Alaska Mountain School and a sailing course taught in the British Virgin Islands. There is also a wilderness photography course held in Jackson, Wyoming that would be wonderful, not to mention a surf camp in El Salvador.

These courses aren’t just for beginners either. Many of them offer advanced techniques that will help veterans polish their existing skills or pick up some new ones too. So no matter what your outdoor passion might be, chances are you’ll find a course that will appeal to you too. Besides, learning new things shouldn’t end when you graduate from schools, but should instead continue throughout your life.

Check out the entire list here.

Kraig Becker