The Adventure Podcast Episode 33: Talking eBikes with Yamaha’s Drew Engelmann

After taking a week off for the Labor Day Weekend here in the U.S., The Adventure Podcast is back with an all-new episode this week. Our guest this time out is Drew Engelmann, the sales and marketing director for Yamaha Power Assist bikes. We chat with Drew about his long career in the cycling industry, his thoughts on ebikes, and where those electric-powered rides are headed in the future. If you’ve been curious about ebikes or considering purchasing one, you’ll want to tune in and listen.

Of course, we start the show off with some adventure news, including stories about the fall climbing season in the Himalaya, a new speed record on the Appalachian Trail, and a team of researchers who used Google Earth to discover a lost world in Africa. As usual, we also wrap things up with our gear picks for the week, which include new trekking poles from MSR and an amazing new inflatable stand-up paddleboard from Red Paddle Co.

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Kraig Becker