Video: How to Filter Water in the Backcountry

Staying hydrated is vitally important when in the backcountry, but you can’t always trust the water that you find there, even if it looks clean. That’s why knowing how to filter water while hiking and backpacking is such an important skill to have. In this video, the experts at REI show us exactly how we can make clean drinking water no matter where we go.

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “Video: How to Filter Water in the Backcountry”

  1. Good video but incorrect info right at the end. All pathogens are killed at 70C as water is brought to a boil therefore there is NO need to boil for any length of time, Just bringing to a boil is adequate. AND this goes for altitude also as even at 8000m water boils at a temp above 70C.

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