Lonely Planet Announces Best in Travel List for 2019


It is that time of the year again. As we march toward the final days of 2018, we’ll start to see an increasing number of lists, stories, and articles not only recapping the biggest events of the year that is passed, but looking ahead to 2019 as well. Case in point, yesterday Lonely Planet released its picks for the best travel destinations, trends, experiences, and bargains for next year, with some amazing places earning a coveted spot on this prestigious list.

The list itself doesn’t highlight adventure travel per se, but many of the destinations that earn a spot in the round-up are excellent adventure locations. For instance, the list of top countries includes places like Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Kyrgyzstan, and Jordan, while Lonely Planet’s favorite regions spotlight destinations like Australia’s Red Center, the Scottish Highlands, Russia’s Far East, and Manitoba in Canada.

Other lists provide the top 10 cities, with adventure destinations Kathmandu and Dakar appearing prominently, and value destinations, which includes the Southern Nile Valley of Egypt and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as well. Lonely Planet’s best travel trends include more dark skies zones and using electric vehicles for road trips.

If you’re planning a big escape for next year, or even in the remaining weeks of 2018, Lonely Planet’s “Best of Travel” list may spur some ideas that you hadn’t thought of before. Each entry is carefully curated with nice information and beautiful photos, maps, and even video. As usual, the entire package is well designed, not to mention fun and easy to read. You can check out the entire run-down of travel destinations by clicking here.

Kraig Becker

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