Outside Magazine Shares Seven Essential Tools to Get Work Done Anywhere

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One of the great things about my job is that I can do it from just about anywhere. Well, that is provided I have a few essential tools at my disposal. For instance, I need a source of power to keep my electronic devices going and it doesn’t hurt if I have a some type of Internet connection either. I’m not unique in this approach however, as now more than ever you’ll find freelancers, road warriors, and other mobile creative types choosing jobs that can take them to the far side of the planet, where they can still effectively get things done.

If you’re one such person, or ever wondered how we work while on the go, Outside magazine has a story for you. It lists 7 essential tools for working off the grid, providing everything you could need to stay in the wilderness for an extended period of time and yet still manage to not get fired. The gear listed in this story plays a crucial role in accomplishing that task, although most of it would also prove useful on other adventurous outings too.

As you can imagine, one of the most crucial pieces to staying productive while traveling off the grid is finding a power source to keep your equipment running. Outside recommends a Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium power station, which is paired with the Goal Zero Nomad 100 solar panel for collecting and storing energy no matter where you go. They even include a gas-powered generator as a back-up in case your solar options fail you.

Other interesting options include a cell phone booster to improve signal out in the wild, a lightweight and foldable chair and table combo for setting up your outdoor office, and an efficient solar-powered lantern for providing light while on the go. The lantern is affordable, bright, and powers itself, making it a great option for camping anywhere or anytime.

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Kraig Becker