The Adventure Podcast Episode 36: An Interview with Joel Einhorn of HANAH

If you’re looking for your midweek dose of audio adventure, then The Adventure Podcast is here to accommodate. As usual, we talk about all kind of things in the outdoor and adventure world, including the latest news from the Himalaya, an update on an epic swim across the Pacific Ocean, dire new reports on the impact of climate change, and the latest on the return of a legend to the sport of adventure racing. We also share a couple of new pieces of gear that we’ve been using recently, giving listeners some thoughts on how these products can be of use in their own adventures.

Our main topic of the week is an interview with Joel Einhorn of HANAH, a company that makes nutritional supplements based on centuries old formulas that use natural ingredients, most of which have been sourced from India and Bhutan. Joel tells us about how he was in a serious accident while training for an Ironman triathlon that left him unable to sleep and about at the end of his rope. Doctors were unable to help him, but he turned to an ancient approach known as Ayurveda to find relief. This led him on a life-altering journey that not only set him on the path to recovery, but has helped him to remain healthy, strong, and vibrant ever since. It is fascinating tale that I think a lot listeners will really appreciate.

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Kraig Becker