Video: Climbing in Antarctica with The North Face Team

Last year, The North Face sent a team consisting of the world’s top climbers –– including Jimmy Chin, Conrad Anker, and Alex Honnold –– down to Antartica for an expedition. The group managed to notch 15 summits on an array of peaks found in Queen Maud Land, including some first ascents. Now, the company is releasing a series of videos that bring some insights into what this expedition was like, the first of which you can find below.

The first video serves as a teaser of sorts, showing off the team and the landscapes that they’re dealing with. This being Antarctica, things are cold, harsh, and unforgiving. Still, these are six of the best mountaineers and rock climbers on the planet, so they’re ready to go.

The second video gives us some insights from TNF athlete Savannah Cummins, who describes what it was like for her to travel to the Antarctic to climb as part of this team. To say she was a bit nervous visiting such a remote and wild place would be an understatement. 

Kraig Becker