The 12 Best Jobs in the Outdoor Industry and How to Get Them According to Backpacker

Working in the outdoor industry in some capacity is a dream job for many people, after all you get to be outside in some amazing places and you get to do some pretty great things along the way. But breaking into a field that lets you take advantage of those perks isn’t always easy, often requiring years of patience, determination, and dedication. Now, Backpacker magazine is offering up its selection of the 12 best jobs in the outdoor industry, with some interesting tips on how to land them.

The list of the 12 jobs in question is presented in a slideshow format, with an image depicting someone working in that career. Each slide is accompanied by a brief description that not only announces the name of the occupation that earned a spot on the list, but also a line or two about what the job entails.

Each entry also includes a link to another page that offers much more detail on the job, the basic requirements, schedule, and so on. Backpacker even provides information about the prospects of job growth in that field over the next few years, as well as the starting salary, perks, prerequisites, and challenges.

So what jobs made the cut? You’ll have to read the story to get the full list, but some of my favorites include adventure travel leader, wilderness guide, and cartographers. The other careers in the slide show are equally interesting however, with each offering options for individuals to work outdoors on a regular basis, often for extended periods of time. My profession didn’t make the cut, but I’d add outdoor writer/blogger/podcaster to the list, although breaking in isn’t easy.

If you’ve been dreaming of getting a job in the outdoor space, but weren’t sure what your choice entailed or how to get a foot in the door, this article should be of interest. You can read it in its entirety by clicking here.

Kraig Becker