Video: Why is Arc’teryx Gear so Expensive and Is It Worth It?

There is no question that Arc’teryx makes some of the best outdoor gear on the planet, but if you’ve ever shopped for any of the company’s products, you know that they tend to be on the pricer side. That has left many to wonder why Arc’teryx gear costs so much and whether or not it is worth the money.

This video attempt to answer that question by taking an in-depth look at the design and materials that goes into making our gear. While Arc’teryx is certainly the subject of the clip, it is a good overview of the outdoor industry as a whole, which now spends a lot of time and money researching and developing new materials, fabrics, insulators and other items that not only perform well but are eco-friendly too. Pretty fascinating stuff.


2 thoughts on “Video: Why is Arc’teryx Gear so Expensive and Is It Worth It?”

  1. Trouble with this video is it focuses on high end jackets, what about items like Arc`teryx t-shirts?
    They have the most expensive running tights, where is the high end technology product there? When compared with the likes of pearl izumi, salomon, nike etc. they do not seems to have any better technology, build, or materials in the running tights yet they cost a third or better more.
    Like many companies, they use the reputation they built making some high end mountaineering equipment to upscale their prices across the product line.
    People buy up the merchandise in order to portray an image of elite outdoor athlete or tribe.
    when it comes to products from the likes of lululemon I just dont get it, no clothing technology or enviromental activism.

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