The Adventure Podcast Episode 44: Talking Clean Drinking Water with Travis Merrigan of GRAYL

It’s the last episode of The Adventure Podcast for 2018 and we’re going out on a high note. This week we interview Travis Merrigan, co-founder of GRAYL, a company that makes one of the most effective and easiest to use water filtration systems on the market, making it easier than ever for travelers and backpackers to get clean drinking water wherever they go. The company recently introduced it’s newest product, the Geopress, on Kickstarter –– where it is already a massive success having raised more than $120,000 so far. The Geopress is a 24 ounce model that brings some nice enhancements to the GRAYL filtration system, including being faster, more effective, and providing more water. The new model is available for early bird supports to reserve until January 8 at a price of $68, which saves $90 off the full retail price. Travis says the Geopress will begin shipping in the spring of 2019, just in time for those international travel plans and big backpacking expeditions. Check it out here.

As usual, we kick off the show with adventure news, catching up with the latest updates from the Antarctic, while also sharing stories of stranded sailors in the Southern Ocean, the discovery of the remains of climbers missing in the Himalaya for 30 years, and much more. Later, we wrap up the show with our latest gear picks, including a look at the new Somewear satellite messengers and snowshoes from Tubbs that integrate the Boa lacing system for the very first time.

With this shoe we have actually produced 42 episodes this year, which isn’t half bad for a couple of guys learning the podcasting ropes. Thanks to everyone who has listened over the course of that time. We appreciate you tuning in to hear what we’re discussing each week.

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Thanks a ton and we’ll see you in 2019!

Kraig Becker