Gear Closet: Daehlie Training Wool Shirt and Pants Review

Training Wool Shirt and Pants:

One of the more underrated pieces of outdoor apparel that most of us own are our baselayers. Sure, we recognize how much we appreciate them when the temperature takes a plunge, but for the most part they rarely get the attention of an insulating layer or a shell jacket for instance. But staying warm, dry, and comfortable in the nastiest conditions imaginable begins with a good baselayer, which is why finding the right one can be a revelation.

Recently, I’ve had the good fortune of testing out the Training Wool Long Sleeve Shirt and Training Wool Pant from Norwegian brand Daehlie. These garments not only deliver everything you could ask for in a performance baselayer, but they are also more versatile than I had expected. This has fundamentally altered my expectations on these types of outdoor apparel moving forward, raising the bar for everyone else in the business.

For those who aren’t familiar with Daehlie, the company was founded by none other than Bjorn Daehlie, who is one of the most decorated winter athletes of all time. The Norwegian nordic skier won the Nordic World Cup six times in eight years, while racking up 29 medals in the Olympics and World Championship events.

To say that Daehlie the athlete knows a thing or two about training and competing in cold conditions would be an understatement and he brought that wealth of information with I’m when launched the company that bears his name.

The Training Wool line of baselayers is meant for use in a wide variety of weather conditions. During the winter, they naturally work well as part of a larger layerings system, but when conditions aren’t quite so cold they have been designed to function quite nicely on their own too. They are also mainly built for outdoor athletes, with a focus on breathability and performance. This is slightly different than other types of baselayers, many of which put an emphasis strictly on keeping the wearer warm.

Both the the Training Wool Long Sleeve Shirt and Pant are made from merino wool, which has become a favorite material for use in the outdoors over the past few years. Merino has some natural abilities that make it a great option for active wear, including excellent breathability, good moisture wicking, and antimicrobial properties that cut down on odor. It is also excellent at regulating temperatures, both warm and cold.

daehlie training wool pant

I’ve used the Training Wool baselayers on their own when out for an evening run in cool conditions and have been extremely impressed with how well they perform. Other tech shirts that I wear on a long run often get sautéed with perspiration, even when the temperatures are particularly warm. But the combination of weight, design, and merino wool allow the Daehlie offerings to perform on a different level.

In fact, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with just how comfortable they have kept me throughout my nightly runs, keeping me warm during the early stages of the workout, well regulated throughout the more intense sections, and surprisingly cozy in the post-run cool down. That says a lot about how well these garments perform.

Daehlie claims that the Training Wool layer can be used in both the summer and the winter, but so far I’ve only had the chance to test them in cool and cold conditions. In all cases, they have significantly exceeded my expectations, even when used as part of a larger layering system with a down jacket and shell on top.

Whether or not they can maintain this high level of performance when the weather gets a lot warmer remains to be seen, but in temperatures below 50ºF (10ºC) they have been great to wear.

If you’re an outdoor athlete who has struggled to find the right performance gear to keep you comfortable in a variety of weather conditions, the Daehlie Training Wool baselayers may just be what you’ve been searching for. Both the shirt and pants are extremely comfortable and durable, but also offer a level of performance that is head and shoulders above just about anything else I’ve tested recently.

The biggest challenge you might have is finding a place to by these baselayers, as the company’s presence remains small outside of Europe. But, the good news is that Dahelie is coming to the U.S., Canada, and other countries soon, which should make availability much less of an issue. When they do arrive, be sure to grab a pair and give them a go.

Currently, the Training Wool Long Sleeve Shirt sells for €69 while the Training Wool Pant goes for €59. That translates roughly to $79 and $67 respectively. All told, that’s pretty reasonable for what could be the last set of baselayers you’ll ever need to buy.

Find out more at Daehlie website.

Kraig Becker