Gear Closet: Gregory Miwok 24 Daypack Review

Gregory Miwok 24 Daypack: A good daypack may be the essential piece of gear that any outdoor enthusiast owns. Not only do these smaller backpacks allow you to carry everything you need with you on the trail, but they can also be a companion while traveling, running errands, or for your daily commute too.

This versatility level helps them stand out from your favorite backpacking pack, for example, which is why it is all the more important to find one that you love.

The new Gregory Miwok 24 –– shipping later this spring –– could easily fall into that category thanks to its thoughtful design, a plethora of features, and a high level of comfort.

Designed for Multi-Use

At its core, the Miwok is a technical daypack designed for use on the trail. It is hydration ready, has built-in bottle holders, and an excellent harness and suspension system.

The pack is also versatile enough to pull double duty for use as part of your daily commuter, complete with a padded laptop sleeve as well. That’s a nice touch for a backpack that is clearly slanted towards the outdoor crowd.


Speaking of the harness and suspension system, Gregory has clearly put a lot of thought and time into this pack’s design. The shoulder straps and waist belts are easy to adjust, giving the wearer the ability to dial in the right fit quickly and easily

Those components are paired nicely with the BioSync suspension, which holds the Miwok firmly in place while also allowing it to move with you as you hike, run, climb, or even ride.

The effect is that the pack doesn’t restrict your motion and isn’t flopping about when things start to get energetic.

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Storage Capacity

As its name implies, the Miwok 24 features 24 liters of storage capacity, most of which fit inside its main compartment, subdivided by dual internal mesh organizers.

The additional carrying capacity is found in two external side pockets, an external accessory pocket, and an expandable stretch front pocket that can accommodate a helmet if necessary.

The shoulder straps are also equipped with a sunglasses quick-stow system for keeping your shades within easy reach, and quick-access pockets on the belt are always a welcomed addition too.


AirWave Back Panel Helps to Keep You Cool

One of the biggest advances for the new version of the Miwok is the inclusion of the 3D AirWave back panel, which does a good job of keeping fresh air flowing to the wearer’s back.

Most small daypacks attempt to incorporate some kind of suspension with a back panel these days, but few are actually effective. I’m happy to report that I found Gregory’s new option to work quite well, making it a great choice for keeping you cool and comfortable on the trail.

Even in warmer weather and aerobic exercise, the AirWave helps regulate your temperature nicely, which is a big plus for these smaller packs.

My Thoughts on the Gregory Miwok 24 Daypack

What I like most about the Miwok 24 is that it feels like it is more than just the sum of its parts. Reading through the list of features above, it is easy to conclude that this is yet another daypack in a sea of daypacks, with very little to separate it from the crowd.

Nothing could be further from the truth. However, as this is an extremely comfortable bag to wear and has its various pockets, straps, pads, and other components work together seamlessly.

That not only makes the Miwok a nice hiking pack but one you’ll want to use for your other activities too.

Other Sizes Available

Gregory is offering the Miwok in three different sizes, 12-, 18-, and 24 liters. Personally, I prefer the larger of those sizes because it isn’t particularly big but still has the capacity to carry everything you need when you set out for the day.

It is easy to stuff an extra layer, some snacks, a USB battery pack, and even a drone or a camera inside the bag, with room to spare. That adds another level of versatility for my particular needs, although I’m sure plenty of people will love the smaller versions of the Miwok too.


The backpack is also priced nicely. The 24-liter version sells for just $120, while the 12- and 18-liter versions are $89.95 and $99.95, respectively. For high quality, well-designed, and made daypack, that isn’t a lot of money these days.

Watch for the redesigned Miwok line coming later this spring. The current models are also available on the Gregory website at substantial savings as well.

Those packs are excellent, but they lack some of the features that the redesign will bring to the table. If you can wait another month or so, the newer versions will be worth the wait and will be extremely budget-friendly too.

Kraig Becker