I’m Off to Puerto Rico!

The holidays are barely behind us, 2019 has just arrived, and the AdventureBlog.net website still has that fresh new-blog smell, but I’m already heading off on my first adventure of the year. Tomorrow I’ll be flying to Puerto Rico for a few days to test some new gear, explore the island, and survey how the recovery process is going there. That means updates are going to be few and far between for the rest of the week, although I’m sure there will be a couple of new stories to share.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled all over the world and I’ve visited more than 40 of the U.S. states, but this will be my first visit to Puerto Rico. I’m super excited to get a chance to explore the Caribbean isle, that is equal parts an American protectorate and its own unique country. PR has plenty of history and culture to make the experience a really interesting one, plus it will be great to get an update on how the recovery efforts are going post Hurricane Maria.

One of the aspects of the new website that I’m excited about is the ability to create photo galleries to share some of the images that I take while traveling. If all goes well, and I get some good shots to share, I’ll give that feature a try later in the week as well using some photos from the trip. Moving forward, I intend to do that regularly just to give readers a sense of some of the places I’ve been and things that I get to do while on the road. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this new feature too and get a kick out of the photo essays.

Before departing tomorrow on a very early flight, I want to thank Old Town Canoe and Kayak for inviting me on the trip, as well as my friends at Darby Comm for putting this little adventure. I’m looking forward to seeing some old and new friends in PR over the next few days. Back soon!

Kraig Becker