The Trans Dinarica is a New European Bike Route Connecting 8 Countries

New European Bike Route Connecting 8 Countries: Adventure travelers who enjoy exploring destinations by bike will soon have an intriguing new option to consider in Europe. The newly opened Trans Dinarica bike route already links up three countries with plans to expand into four more in the months ahead. The goal is to create a route that takes riders through some of the most scenic landscapes imaginable, while visiting towns, mountain villages, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites along the way.

Presently, the Trans Dinarica runs through Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The plan is to eventually add Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, and Macedonia to that list, creating a bike route that connects all of the countries that make up the Western Balkans. The trail actually parallels the famous Via Dinarica, which is a popular long-distance hiking route that crosses through the region as well. When complete, the cycling path will cover some 1200 miles (1931 km) en route.

The Trans Dinarica is designed with mountain bikers and bikepackers in mind. Much of the route is made up of remote single track, although according to National Geographic, there is plenty of gravel, asphalt, and the occasional cobbles as well. In other words, it’s a nice mixes of surfaces, although most of the time will be spent off road in the mountains.

The concept for creating a multi-country bike route came back in 2019, when tour operators in Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina came together to start building the Trans Dinarica. The hope was that it would lure adventurous travelers looking for a unique challenge to the region.

The goal from the start was to mix great mountain biking with history, culture, and immersion in nature, in  a way that hadn’t been seen before. In fact, many of the Western Balkan’s UNESCO sites are accessible by bike for the first time thanks to this project.

There is no word yet on how long it will take to add the other five Balkan nations to the Trans Dinarica, but plans for expansion are already well underway. The route will continue to expand at a consistent pace with the hopes of completing the entire route sometime in the next few years. For now though, the trail is up and running and has plenty to offer, including some of the best riding in all of Europe.

Find out more on the official Trans Dinarica website.

Kraig Becker