Video: Riding a Fatbike Across Western Mongolia

My friends at Round Square Adventures have been leading fatbike journeys through western Mongolia for several years now, giving adventure travelers a chance to see this amazing part of the world from the seat of a bike. Having visited this same region a few years back I can attest to how beautiful, remote, and wild it truly is. I made the journey on horseback, but I think using a fatbike is a brilliant idea. In this video, you’ll not only get a chance to see what traveling with Round Square is like, you’ll get a sense of what to expect in the far reaches of the Mongolian wilderness, a place that every adventurer should have on their bucket list.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: Riding a Fatbike Across Western Mongolia”

  1. Great video!

    Having spent time guiding in Mongolia, I think fat biking/mountain is a great way to see remote regions of Mongolia. One observation I found was road biking, on the few paved roads or wide more travelled dirt roads, can be very dangerous.

    Mongolians import a lot of cars from Japan, with steering wheels on the right side, but Mongolians drive on the right side of the road (like the US). What this means is when drivers, of cars with steering wheel on the right, want to pass a slower car in front of them they often pull far right into the “breakdown” lane to see around the slower car. I saw several near tragedies involving cars and pedestrians/bikes as a result.

    Luckily the vast majority of Mongolia has more horses than cars so in most area this is a non issue.

    • Thanks David! I agree…in fact just getting into a car in UB is a near death-wish! Trying to cross a street by foot is even worse.
      Thankfully, all of our biking tours are 100% off-road and it is very rare to see a car. Sometimes we see a jeep, an UAZ or a 6×6 lorry when the nomads are doing their migration, but otherwise it’s just horses, camels or motorbikes.
      We use UAZs as our support vehicles…an incredibly tough and sturdy Russian made 4×4 which is the van of preference for all off-roading in Mongolia.

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