Videos: Climbers Emily Harrington and Adrian Ballinger Launch New Adventure YouTube Channel

When it comes to high-altitude mountaineer, Emily Harrington and Adrian Ballinger just might be the world’s foremost power couple. The duo have pioneered the use of oxygen tents for training back home to shorten the time they are in the mountains. This has allowed them to set some impressive marks for door-to-door speed climbs in the Himalaya, with expeditions lasting just two weeks. Now, they’ve launched a new YouTube channel called Danger Stik TV that promises to give us a behind the scenes look at they train, plan, and prepare for big expeditions all of the the world. Having these two premiere mountain athletes offer advice and insights should be interesting, particularly if they are sharing expedition video from their latest climbs. If the first video from the channel –– found above –– is any indication, it should at least be an interesting and entertaining set of videos to follow.

Kraig Becker