Men’s Journal Names the Most Adventurous Women of 2019

Last year, Men’s Journal released not one, but two lists, naming the 25 most adventurous men and women of all past 25 years. Both of those offerings were unique, interesting, and even perhaps a bit controversial, as you could make an argument for the inclusion of some folks who got left out. Now, less than two months into the new year, the magazine has floated a new list, this time offering a selection of the most adventurous women of 2019.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, there are some high profile names that you’ve seen mentioned around here a time or two. For instance, mountaineer Emily Harrington is featured prominently, as is rock climber Sasha Digiulian and big mountain skier Angel Collinson. But, there are also a number of other incredible female adventurers that MJ turns the spotlight on too, including adventure photographer Krystle Wright and speed record-setting cyclist Denise Mueller-Korenek. In fact, there are a wide variety of outdoor disciplines well represented here, with everything from climbers to mountain bikers to surfers to divers and more.

This is just a brief rundown of a number of very deserving women who are all incredibly adventurous and inspiring. You can read their stories and get more information from the Men’s Journal article, provided you can stand to scroll through the website. There are so many ads and other elements that are constantly loading that it can be an exercise in futility at times. But stick with it, be a little patient, and you’ll learn a lot about some impressive outdoor athletes, activists, and human beings in general.

Check out the entire list here.

Kraig Becker