Men’s Journal Travel Awards Tell Us Where to Go and Where to Stay in 2019

If you’re looking for a few suggestions on where you should travel in 2019, then Men’s Journal is here to help. The magazine has put together a list of its top suggestions on where to go and where to stay this year, with some outstanding suggestions for just about every type of traveler. Whether you’re looking for a grand adventure or just a relaxing escape, you’ll find something on MJ’s list that is sure to appeal to you, both at home and abroad.

As usual with these types of list, I will not spoil everything. But I will tell you that the editors at Men’s Journal have dug up some impressive and fun destinations to add to your bucket list. For instance, they suggest the Three Camel Lodge for those looking to channel their inner-Indiana Jones. They also recommend a visit to Guyana in South America for an off-the-beaten-path adventure. You’ll also find tips for the best wildlife experiences, great places for winter fun, options for surfing, biking, and even culinary escapes. In other words, no matter what you’re looking for in travel this year, you’ll probably find an option here.

This is just the tip of the iceberg however, as there is plenty more to discover on this list. There are options to escape the crowds to little known resorts, active escapes to test your physical limits, and places to go fishing and stay in a remote cabin too. MJ even spotlights some of its favorite personalities in the travel and adventure space, shining a light on individuals who are helping to shape the future of travel.

If you’re still planning your big escapes for 2019, this list can surely help. Check it out in its entirety here.

Kraig Becker