The Adventure Podcast Episode 52: An Interview with Professional Explorer Milo Pierwola

It’s Wednesday, which means we’re back with another episode of The Adventure Podcast. This week I’m flying solo without my co-host Dave Adlard, by we do welcome our friend Milo Pierwola to the program. Milo is a professional explorer and he comes on the podcast to talk about how he launched his career, what being an explorer means to him, and how to follow our passions. He also talks about some amazing projects that he’s working on, including opening the first mountaineering/climbing school in Iraq.

A word of warning regarding this interview. For some reason, part way through the audio on my side of the show got extremely low. I was able to raise the levels somewhat while editing, but my questions to Milo are very quiet for some inexplicable reason. Most listeners should still be able to hear them, although you may have to strain a bit. I’m not sure why this happened, but we’ll try to look for ways to improve the audio in general moving forward.

Because I’m hosting on my own this week, I skipped over the usual outdoor gear segment that we do at the end of each episode, although I do offer a few adventure news stories to kick things off. Those stories include Free Solo’s big win at the Academy Awards, an update on the big winter climbing expeditions, and more news on the ongoing struggle with travel insurance companies and the government in Nepal.

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Kraig Becker