95-Year Old Runner Embarks on Second Run Across the U.S.

If you’re looking for a source of motivation and inspiration today, then look no further than Earnie Andrus. The 95-year old World War II vet has embarked on epic challenge, running coast-to-coast across the U.S. And if the wasn’t remarkable enough, this is the second time Andrus has undertaken such a challenge, having already complete a similar journey five years ago at the ripe-young age of 90.

The second run began this past weekend when Earnie got underway from Saint Simons Island in Georgia. Andrus started in the Atlantic Ocean and hopes to finish in the Pacific Ocean near San Diego, some 2600 miles (4184 km) away. This won’t be any kind of speed record however, as this elderly athlete expects his country-spanning adventure to take nearly five years to complete, wrapping up as he approaches his 100th birthday. The first time Earnie made this journey he traveled in the opposite direction, averaging about 18 miles a week on his way from San Diego to Georgia. That trek began in 2013 and ended in 2016. Since then, Earnie has slowed down some and he’s now expecting to cover roughly 13 miles a week instead.

Why is a 95-year old man attempting to run across the U.S. you ask? According to The Adventure Journal, in part because he got bored after wrapping up his previous trek a few years back. But, Earnie is also hoping to raise funds for a memorial for the LST 325, a ship used in WWII to deliver troops and supplies to beaches. Andrus hopes that enough people will hear about his journey and contribute to the cause to make that memorial a reality.

You can follow Earnie’s progress on his website and check out the profile that CBS News did of him recently below.

Kraig Becker