Backpacker Picks the Best Outdoor Gear for 2019

Just in case you haven’t looked at a calendar recently, we’re now just a few days away from spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. That means warmer weather is just around the corner, bringing more opportunities to spend time outside with it. If you’re already dreaming about that first spring camping trip, than before you get ready to hit the trail you’re going to want to see check out Backpacker magazine’s picks for the best new gear of 2019. As you would expect, it is filled with outstanding products designed to make our lives easier and more comfortable in the backcountry.

The list includes pretty much everything you need for a great backpacking excursion or camping trip, with new gear that is almost assuredly an upgrade from what we’re already using. For instance, you’ll find a new ultralight tent from Six Moon Designs that weighs a mere 26 ounces (.7 kg). You’ll also discover a cozy new hoody from Mountain Hardwear, an innovative new spork from Gerber, and a 20ºF sleeping bag from Therm-a-Rest that not only performs well, but is lightweight too.

This list of the very best new gear products is relatively small, containing just eight items that received the coveted “Backpacker Editor’s Choice” award. But, the magazine has also published its picks for the 12 best tents of 2019, the 4 best hammocks, and the 13 best backpacks as well. Those lists expand the individual categories a bit further, providing more options to meet a variety of reader’s needs.

Before you go gear shopping this spring, be sure to give these lists a glance. They’ll help you to not only understand the latest trends in outdoor gear, but give you a good sense of what products you should upgrade to this year. Besides, who doesn’t like shopping for new gear?

Kraig Becker

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