Backpacker Reveals the Best Hiking Boots of 2019

Earlier in the week we shared several lists from Backpacker magazine that highlighted the best new gear of 2019. Those lists including the editors’ choices across a wide variety of categories, as well as the best tents, hammocks, and backpacks too. But there was one list that was conspicuously absent when we shared that post, leaving us to wonder “what about the boots?” After all, when it comes to hiking and backpacking, we all know that if our feet aren’t happy, the rest of us probably isn’t either. Thankfully, the team at Backpacker has recommendations in this department too, offering up its picks for the best hiking boots and shoes for 2019 as well.

Despite a seemingly ever-growing number of footwear companies producing hiking boots and shoes, the list is filled with some familiar brands. That isn’t a bad thing mind you. Quite the contrary in fact, because when you spend money on a pair of boots you want to know that they are well made and will last you a long time. That shouldn’t be a worry here, as the models that made the cut on the Backpacker list all come from manufacturers with a long and rich history of making outstanding shoes for use in the outdoors.

This rundown of outdoor footwear is actually broken down into several categories, including hiking boots, trail runners, and some honorable mentions that were good, but couldn’t quite eke out a spot amongst the upper echelon of winners. Some of the models that did make the cut include the Lowa Baldo GTX, which received high marks for traction and durability, and the Scarpa ZG Trek GTX, which was lauded for its foot and ankle support. As for trail runners, the Topo Athletic Terraventure 2 took top honors, while the honorable mention category is filled with worth also-rans.

If you’re in need of some new trail shoes this spring, than take a look at what Backpacker is recommending. Chances are, you’ll find some options that will fit your needs.

Kraig Becker