Gear Closet: Korkers Ice Walker Performance Ice Cleats Review

Korkers Ice Walker Review

The calendar may say that it is now officially spring, but we all know that winter tends to linger on a bit longer than we’d like. So while warmer temperatures may be coming soon, I’m sure more than a few of you are still dealing with ice and snow as you wait for conditions to improve.

If you find yourself routinely heading out for a walk in the neighborhood or a hike along a trail with plenty of slick surfaces underfoot, then you may want to consider adding a pair of Korkers Ice Walker performance cleats to your own gear closet. This handy piece of kit is a quick and easy way to add extra traction to just about any pair of boots or shoes for those wintery outings.

Before I delve too far into my thoughts on the Ice Walker, I want to acknowledge that Korkers has been a sponsor of The Adventure Blog for the past month, and they sent me a pair of the ice cleats to test out. That said, as usual, I’ll offer my unbiased thoughts on the product, which fills a need that many of us have when dealing with snow and ice regularly.

Okay, with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s take a look at what the Ice Walkers bring to the table. Like similar products from other companies, the performance ice cleats are designed to efficiently and comfortably slip over your shoes.

Using the excellent Boa lacing system, the Ice Walkers are locked into place with the turn of a dial, giving them a firm, reassuring hold on whatever shoes you happen to be wearing. The ever-popular and easy to use Boa system opens up with a simple pull of that same dial, making it just as easy to pull the cleats off when not in use.

I’ve put my pair of ice walkers on trail running shoes, light hiking shoes, and regular hiking boots with a high level of success. Not only is it straightforward to get them snuggly into place, but the difference in traction is also remarkable.

Icy walkways and streets are suddenly much easier to negotiate with confidence. The cleats include 22 strategically placed steel spikes that stick to the ground surprisingly well. In fact, it doesn’t take long before you completely trust the Ice Walkers and go from those first few tentative steps to moving about normally, even on extremely slick surfaces.

In terms of comfort, the Ice Walkers earn high marks and, in part, thanks to the Boa laces. The system allows you to dial in the exact level of tension you need, which means Korkers’ add-on cleats aren’t squeezing your feet too tightly.

For the most part, once I had them locked in place, I almost forgot that they were there. Besides being able to walk around on snow and ice with much better balance, I rarely noticed the Ice Walkers until I was ready to take them off.

Runners will find that the Ice Walkers are versatile enough to be used for winter outdoor workouts, although Korkers does offer a set designed specifically with running in mind. Ice Runner’s aptly weighs a bit less but shares much of the same design and functionality as its sibling.

The running focused version also comes in brother colors to add a bit of extra visibility. That said, I had no issues running in the Ice Walkers when conditions required it, as speed and weight weren’t really much of an issue in slush and snow.

Priced at $49.99, you can add affordability to the Ice Walkers list of traits. At that price, you almost can’t afford to own a pair.

Considering how easy they are to transfer from one pair of shoes to the next and how much extortion traction they provide, it is a no brainer recommending these to anyone who lives in a cold climate that routinely sees snow and ice. You can find out more about the entire line of ice cleats on the Korkers’ website.

And again, big thanks to my friends at Korkers for sponsoring the site over the past month. It is much appreciated!

Kraig Becker