Outside Ranks the 25 Best Hikes in the World

Have you already trekked the Inca Trail, backpacked the PCT, and wandered the Annapurna Circuit? Are you looking for new places to stretch your legs and add some miles to your hiking resume? If so, then Outside magazine has the perfect list for you, providing readers with a list of the top 25 hiking trails in the world (at least for now!).

Before diving into the list itself, the Outside staff shares the criteria on which they judge a great hiking route. For the purposes of this article that includes great scenery of course, although unique wildlife and plant life doesn’t hurt either. A healthy dose of interesting geological formations –– think waterfalls and ice fields –– scores some points too, while plenty of solitude and isolation are a must as well. Those variables describe a lot of different places however, so to whittle down this collection to just 25 entries, each of the places had to bring something a little extra as well. Those elements included everything from ancient temple ruins to legendary mountain peaks, with plenty of history, culture, and mystique thrown in for good measure.

So which treks made the final cut? You’ll have to read the list for yourself, but highlights include not just the hike to Everest Base Camp, but a trail that takes travelers up the Cho La Pass en route. Classic hikes like the Appalachian Trail and Yosemite’s Half Dome get a mention here too, as does some lesser known backpacking routes such as the Whale Trail in South Africa and Greenstone Ridge Trail in Isle Royale National Park.

Some of the hikes can be completed in just a few hours, while others will require at least a few days. Some will even take weeks or even months to finish the entire path. But all of them are epic in terms of scope and challenge, with some truly iconic landscapes to explore while traveling on foot. If you’re looking for a new hiking or backpacking challenge for 2019, chances are you’ll find at least one or two to pique your interest here.

Check out the entire list on Outside‘s website.


3 thoughts on “<em>Outside</em> Ranks the 25 Best Hikes in the World”

  1. Utter rubbish , so only one hike worth doing in the Himalayas, nothing in south America, Africa

    • Agreed that the international hiking scene is underrated on this list. Even with the changes in recent years, the Annapurna Circuit remains one of the best treks around for instance.

  2. Might check up on your geography and math. Peru and Chile are both in South America. Kenya and South Africa are both in, well, Africa. And if you actually think any “Top” list is going to be perfect, well….how about this, if you don’t have anything nice to say just say nothing at all. That way you about looking foolish with incorrect comments.

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