Video: Eight-Thousanders – Meet the Highest Peaks in the World

We talk a lot about the world’s 8000-meter peaks here at The Adventure Blog, but which mountains actually make up that list? There are 14 of them in total, with Everest being the tallest and most famous amongst non-climbers for obvious regions. But the others are all unique, interesting, and beautiful in their own right and this video gives us an introduction to each of them in order, starting with Shishapangma, and working its way up the list in reverse order by height. Along the way, you’ll learn some interesting tidbits about each of the mountains, including the date of its first ascent, notes on the approach to climbing it, and more. The clip is more than a year and a half old now however, so the statistics on the number of summits is outdated. Still, there is a lot to take in hear and the photos and video alone make it worth a watch.

Kraig Becker