Gear Closet: IceCo iFreezer Go20 Portable Freezer/Refrigerator Review

While we all love backpacking into a remote campsite to enjoy a little backcountry escape, there are some advantages to going car camping too.

Typically speaking, car camping is a much more relaxed, laid back affair, in part because you can bring a lot more amenities with you. For instance, by being able to drive to your campsite you can bring a larger, more comfortable tent.

You can also bring a more full-featured stove for preparing more intricate meals, and lugging along camp chairs, a table, or other items is no problem either.

Best of all, you can bring a big, fully-stocked cooler too, which means cold beverages, fresh fruit, and an array of other foods too. Typically, that also means bringing plenty of ice to keep everything chilled, although a new powered cooler is looking to change that while delivering a host of other great features as well.


The new IceCo iFreezer Go20 launched on Indiegogo a few weeks back with the hopes of setting a modest goal of raising $10,000 to get the product into production.

It took just a few days to blow past that number, however, and now with more than two weeks to go in the crowd-funding campaign, the team behind the cooler has raised more than $92,000 and counting.

That means that this cooler should start shipping in July, making it a great option for summertime travel, trips to the beach, or long weekends at the campsite.

What’s so Special About the Go20?

So what exactly sets the Go20 apart from the competition? Essentially it is a portable refrigerator/cooler that you can take with you anywhere. The device can plug directly into any AC wall outlet of course, but its included cable can also draw power from a 12-volt port in a car too.

That means that you can keep your important items cold while on the go. Better yet, the cooler can also use an optional add-on battery pack ($189) to power it without an outlet, or you can plug it into a portable power station as well.

Dual Climate Zones

Inside, the Go20 has dual climate zones, allowing you to adjust the temperature for both independently. That means you can keep meat, ice cream, and other frozen items separate from your beverages, which can maintain a cold –– but not frozen –– temperature.

A control panel on the outside of the cooler provides controls for both zones, as well as an on/off switch and a button to enable fast freezing. It even comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to monitor and adjust temperatures directly from their phones as well.

Great Design & Build Quality

Sleek and compact, the iFreezer Go20 is well designed and built. It is futuristic looking, yet approachable at the same time, with an interface that is easy to understand.

It also feels rugged and durable too, but considering the fact that it is packing a lot more technology than your average cooler, you wouldn’t want to drop it or bang it around in the same way that you could a Yeti cooler for instance.

Manufacture’s Warranty

Still, IceCo backs it with a 12-month warranty on the cooler itself and a five-year guarantee on the refrigeration unit.

Put to use in the field, the Go20 is surprisingly efficient and quiet. Provided it has power, it dutifully works away, keeping all of your items cold as requested.

That makes it great for use in the backyard, at family picnics, or just about anywhere else you want to take it. It is also nice for long road trips where you want cold beverages close at hand without having to stop too often.

The cooler should also appeal nicely to the overloading crowd, who will appreciate what it brings to the table. That said, it may be a bit on the small side for extended excursions, with an internal capacity of 20 liters.

That’s enough for a good weekend getaway, but perhaps not so much for an extended stay in a remote location.

Early-bird adopters can order one now through the Indiegogo campaign for as little $449, which makes this an incredible bargain.

At that price, it’s even less expensive than many of the high-end coolers on the market, which don’t provide a fraction of the functionality.

This is a more versatile and smarter way to keep your food and beverages cold in the outdoors for those outings when you want to truly treat yourself.

Kraig Becker